What is Holistic Transformation and what can I offer you?

The Healing Arts are vast and varied, and each of them contain Golden threads of Truth. When you look at them all without judgment from a broad perspective, it is clear that they each are an important part of a beautiful tapestry, and each have their own merits. Humans are very different in both disease and dysfunction, and the remedy that will help them become whole again. Some will need one healing art to regain balance, others will need several. The challenge is knowing which puzzle pieces match with each person and knowing what their imbalance is.
This is where true Medical Intuition comes into play. It is the part where I get out of the way, and let Source guidance flow through me, so I know best how to use all of my earned skill and education to help you, and which tools will be the most effective. Many times, the people that come to me or call me have been everywhere seeking help and treatment, but with little success. While I believe most everyone in the health and healing industry means well and has every intention of helping their clients, many times they don’t know the root cause, or that there may be multiple causes or issues. Also, even if they do accurately isolate a problem, many times the solution differs from person to person. Sometimes there are multiple problems and multiple solutions, and traditionally in the health industry, if one problem is found, they stop looking for multiple causes…. So the client addresses that issue but is still in a state of compromised health and does not feel good. This is all too common and very frustrating for people and practitioners alike.
One thing we all know for sure is that there is Nothing more important than good health for a high quality of life, and if you have ever lost it, you know exactly what I mean. I also know that life and people are complex, and everything effects everything else, so figuring out the single or multiple cause or your unique situation as well as the multifaceted formula for your return to wellness is my specialty! If you are ready for true holistic transformation, ready for answers (some of which you may not expect) than I am your girl!
This is Important however….You Must be ready for change however. We cannot hold onto that which harms us, or deny our body/mind/spirit of that which it needs and expect to have vibrant health. When you are ready for me – I am ready for you! My God given intuition can be your guide, and my education can provide you with the tools you need.