About Caroline

I was born into a family of Medical Doctors and professionals that were also strictly religious. Being very psychic as a child and communicating with my guidance was very disturbing to my family, so that side of me was highly discouraged. Although my God given gifts were healing and intuition, my focus was placed on that which was acceptable, Science and education. I have spent years learning as much as possible about as many healing arts as possible, beginning with traditional medicine, then Naturopathy, followed by a Masters in Nutrition, and then years of submersion into the growing field of vibrational and sound frequency medicine. Along the way, I became a Reiki master, learned Access techniques, and developed my natural abilities of medical intuition and hands on healing.

For most of my career I have kept the Medical Intuitive and Healer side of me somewhat hidden behind Science, education and technology. With my background, I was afraid that those God given talents would not be embraced by my scientific and intellectual peers or my clients. I have come to a crossroads however, and Now it is time to let all of my light shine and bless others with the gifts I have been blessed with, and stop hiding behind anything.