Hello Friends!

I want to have a heart to heart with you, about something that has changed my life and so many others. All of us seem to have at least one chronic physical or emotional challenge. People live with chronic pain, depression, fatigue, excessive stress, insomnia, and so much more…. popping pills, over drinking and thinking…this is just how their life has to be. That the best they can do is try and cope… this is So not true! Simply surviving is not the way life should be. We all know we need to exercise and eat right. But sometimes we have too much pain, fatigue, or depression to even get started on a program and stick with it.

What can help is sound frequencies, the right tones, in the right combinations provides the relief from so many things.

Although we are not allowed to make claims that this software can treat or cure disease… I can say that it may help relieve the symptoms associated with many conditions. From personal experience, and from others, it is music for your cells that changes the game. I believe that medicine in the future will incorporate sound frequencies, more than just imaging ultrasound currently used, or that used for pain and non-invasive lipo. I feel strongly – the sound/sonic frequencies are the future of wellness and healing.

Interestingly, there’s nothing more natural than sound frequencies, and for countless century’s, music has had a powerful influence over humanity. It effects our energy levels and emotions… calming, inspiring, energizing …depending on the tones or combinations of frequencies. WHAT IF this powerful natural phenomenon that has such influence over us, is actually a key to Health, Wellness and Beauty?

Tru Resonance Pro is an advanced sound frequency generator program, designed to create powerful frequency formulas for your cells! This technology can provide you with drug free possibilities for a healthier life, and a more beautiful body.

Did you know that the fastest growing area of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery is actually non-invasive procedures using both light and sound frequencies? It’s a fact. There are frequencies that cause the fat cells to breakdown – like tones sung by an Opera singer that can shatter glass. The contents of the fat cells are then liquified and removed by the lymphatic system.

In addition, there are other frequencies used to tighten and tone the skin and the fine muscles of the face. Yes – these are all sound, or sonic frequencies, and this is the wave of the future in beauty and wellness! This is truly a gift worth having and giving.

A Breakthrough in Exercise Science

For All Levels of Fitness

Natural Health Goes High Tech!

Whole Body Vibration is the exercise secret used by Olympic athletes, and Astronauts for more than 60 years. This amazing technology has taken a giant leap forward through evolution, and is now powered by sonic/sound waves. The positive effects are much more powerful than the outdated mechanical WBV versions.  Sonic Whole Body Vibration uses sound vibrations to stimulate the nearly 100 trillion cells in the body simultaneously! The result – 4D Transformation – mind/body/spirit/emotions! The Sonic exercise is relaxing, rejuvenating and stress relieving.

What 10 Short Min. can do for You!

Just 10 minutes of focused sonic vibration provides the same benefits as 1 hour of cardiovascular exercise, or 90 minutes of Qigong or Tai Chi! Sonic Whole Body Vibration is the perfect No-Sweat workout! Finally you can easily fit daily exercise into a busy lifestyle! Sonic exercise is a passive, low-impact workout that is a perfect alternative for those with balance and mobility issues, the aging, athletes, and for people who experience pain with exercise. Daily exercise is key to creating a strong healthy body, losing weight, looking great and feeling terrific.

Software that’s Powerful Music for Your Cells!

Sonic World Millennium & Tru-Resonance Pro software is nothing short of life-changing for me and so many others.  These two amazing sound frequency generator software programs are available for you to chose from. This software goes on your PC and can be used with good computer speakers or headphones.  If you have access to a Sound actuated whole body vibration machine, the frequencies can also run through the Sonic Machine, greatly enhancing your Sonic Resonance Training experience. This software contains 80 years worth of research, and is considered Powerful Music for Cellular Rejuvenation. Programs include Chakra Balancing, Ancient Tones, Tri-Lateral Balanced Sine Waves, and a sound frequency generator with numerous presets for many chronic daily issues. Sound frequencies can return the entire energy field to a state of Harmonic Resonance – exactly what we need to promote vitality, fitness and wellness. Fatigue, insomnia, aches, pains, the “blues” and more will ease with regular use of the Sonic exercise system and/or sound frequency software. These frequencies can enhance release of toxins and weight from the body, and help relieve stress and insomnia.

From Athletes to Seniors

For active adults and athletes, the Sonic whole body vibration and sound frequency software helps shorten recovery, releases lactic acid build up in your muscles, helps reduce body fat, and improves your training results. Sonic exercise helps you tighten, tone, and loose stubborn fat, improving the results of those participating in weight reduction programs. This is a great, all-ages exercise solution from Corporate America to active Seniors! It only takes 10 minutes of your time and fits conveniently into the busy American lifestyle. Sonic Whole Body Vibration is an excellent exercise alternative for those who experience pain with exercise, have balance and mobility issues, or are disabled. The US Surgeon General stated that “For those who cannot engage in regular physical activity due to disability, mechanical stimulation of the skeleton might prove beneficial.
Recent, small studies found that use of vibrating platforms increased BMD (Bone Mass Density) and slowed bone loss.”