Most people in the medical industry believe that the human body is a conglomeration of muscles, bones, organs, nerves, blood and lymph – which is true. After a quick re-view of the basic philosophies – I am going to show you why we are so much more than these basic systems by integrating Physics with Anatomy and Physiology.


Overview of Traditional & Alternative Medicine

When Medical Doctors (MD’s) look at the miraculous human body, they see an array of hard and soft tissues and fluids, arranged into elaborate, interrelated systems, as pictured below.

The way in which they function is called the Mechanics of Anatomy and Physiology. Traditionally, if a non-vital part fails, it is surgically removed. If a part fails that is vital to life or mobility, it is replaced if possible. In conjunction with various surgical techniques, traditional physicians attempt regulation of systems and alleviation of symptoms with Pharmaceutical medications. But as you will soon see, Everything Affects Everything Else – and we are many times creating a tangled web and chemical soup in the body. This methodology is limited in scope, because many times the side effects of medications are much worse than than the symptom they are given for…. so much so that many times another prescription drug must be given for the side effects of the first.

An extremely important element often discounted in this traditional medical system is the profound impact of proper nutrition, and the debilitating effect on the human body of nutrient deficiencies. Just two examples; a single B vitamin deficiency can cause an irregular heart beat, and many congestive heart failure conditions have been reversed with the addition of CoQ10. (Dr. Baylock’s studies). The average MD has one class on mainstream nutrition in medical school… and that is only in recent history.  In the past, nutrition was not taught at all in medical school. Rare is the MD’s like Baylock that has studied nutrition independently and recognizes its importance.

Adequate Exercise is another major pitfall in America and the world of Medicine; we are technologically advanced and physically sedentary, leading to stagnate lymphatic fluids, toxicity, disease and debilitation.  Traditional medicine lacks the emphasis needed on regular physical activity to treat and prevent disease and dysfunction.


When a Naturopath looks at the amazing and complex Human body, they see both what the MD sees, and interrelationship with Dietary, Environmental, Physical, Emotional, and Stress factors. While the MD chooses pharmaceutical medications and surgery as primary forms of treatment, the Naturopath chooses natural supplements, dietary restructuring, exercise, light, clean water, emotional support, and adjustment of environmental factors as a first line of defense. Pharmaceuticals and surgery are viewed as a last resort. Energy flow is a factor, but largely unaddressed in both the traditional Medical and Naturopathic models.

The Chinese Medical/Human Model

When a Chinese Medical Doctor looks at the body, they see What the MD’s see, plus an elaborate system of energy pathways in the body with centers called Meridians. This medical theory adheres to the fact that energy must be free flowing, and that blocks in vital Qi energy lead to disease, disorder and even physical injury. This is the opposite of the Western medical philosophy where the belief is that the disease or injury comes first, and that causes blocked energy – ie swelling and inflammation.  Chinese medicine focuses on both liberating blocked Qi energy through acupressure, acupuncture, and Tai Chi – and herbal treatment of the disorder itself. Emotional energy such as trauma and anger is also addressed and encouraged to be released for full healing to occur. The focus is also on balancing the heat/energy in the body.

The foundation of the whole body vibration application of Sound frequency technology was developed in conjunction with the Qi Gong Association. This prestigious association promotes the theory of movement of blocked energy as a key to regaining vital health.